Let these streets tell it, JAY-Z has a slew of kids scattered across the country, some of whom emerge every few years with tales of abandonment, or calls for the rapper to reach out and make connection.

A 28-year-old woman by the name of La’Teasha Macer is the latest to come forward claiming to be the daughter of the rapper.

According to Bossip, La’Teasha was born in Cambridge, Maryland, and says her mom met Jay after they were introduced by her aunt.

Their friendship turned sexual, which resulted in a love child.

La’Teasha even dedicated her Instagram account (@jayzfirstdaughter) to sharing her truth.

In a video montage, she compares photos of herself and the hip-hop icon.

“There’s no way he can deny anything, especially when there were people there that knew him,” she says in a voiceover.

She also shares “some answers” she received from a Ancestry DNA test, and noted that Beyonce’s husband “knows that I exist.”

She’s also writing a book.