Don’t Let THEM Trick You Out Your Spot

Don’t let them trick you out your spot!

It’s Monday And here’s to another week of the hustle and bustle of life.  We all have that one co-worker that does the absolute most. over bearing, controlling, and just down right annoying.  You know that one that replies to a e-mail just to act as if they have all the answers, but never take care of his or her own responsibilities.  That co-worker that claims they mean well but you can see the knife coming a mile away. Understand that these people are most times unhappy within themselves and thrive off chaos so they create chaos in every situation so they can excel.  My plea to you today is to dead those seeds of doubt that sprouts in your mind about your own abilities. Take a deep breath, exhale and create, no matter what it is, take back that power that these people have leached from you. These blood suckers can’t hold you back! You are more than a good enough, that’s why you got the position, thats why you got the promotion, thats why the leach off of you. Broke people try to break people and we’ve all heard the term misery love company, well I won’t be visiting!