today’s Ant rant… Level up

When I was a rookie radio guy just starting out in the entertainment world I would take any gig I could get!!! A lot of times in was in a bar in the middle of nowhere and I was working for next to nothing and free drinks, The bars were always empty except for me the bartender and the security for the majority of the night so we played a lot of bar games, fools ball, darts and especially pool!!! LOTS OF POOL!!! to the point were I got pretty good, even bought myself a pool cue (I have no clue where the cue is now). I played with the guys at bars all the time and I started to realize that when I played with folks that were real good I played better but when I played with folks who weren’t so good I didn’t play as well. This was the first life lesson of leveling up for me. You see ya gotta surround yourself with folks who can teach you something. People who can help you raise your level of self expectations. If you find yourself being the smartest person in the room…you’re in the wrong room!!! LEVLE UP!!! don’t be afraid to but yourself in a position to grow!!! Ant rant over…


Big Ant