When Could 50 Cent Be Bringing His Film Empire To Shreveport?

(Photo Credit: KTAL TV)

Word of 50 Cent talking about investing in the Shreveport’s film and TV community quickly spread across the ArkLaTex a few weeks ago.

Shreveport City Councilman Alan Jackson shared insights from a recent meeting between city leadership and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson as negotiations continue the possibility of Jackson creating content for his film and television empire in Shreveport with our news partners at KTAL NBC 6.

Councilman Jackson went on to say:

Councilman Jackson said the entertainment mogul presented the councilmembers with his plan to create content and provide economic development for some of the city’s more impoverished neighborhoods.

“We’re looking at putting together a comprehensive plan that encompasses not only Millenium Studios and Stageworks but also understanding some other opportunities that he wants to bring to the city,” Jackson said.