BIG ANT in the Afternoons


From the Midwest to the north and now south and a whole lot of stops in between, no matter what, when where or how, Big Ant has always been 100% radio!!! You want stories?!? Big Ants got ‘em!!! A career dating back to when Dj’s carried wax (that’s records) and passed out flyers (no social media). Big Ant started off his career in Minneapolis with a very unique and distinctive sound and mindset that intrigued and engaged listeners across the country. Every station and every city that Big Ant has gone too, he’s experienced success with the same unique and distinctive sound and mindset; keep it simple, have fun and don’t ask why, just say why not and then go for it. You can catch Big Ant on the Big Station 997 KMJJ from 2pm to 6pm on the Number one afternoon drive in Shreveport LA!!!