ON THE GO with Scooterman Pro

Willie “Scooter” Burton, III was born March 28, 1988 in Shreveport, LA to Willie and Sylvia Burton, along with his sister, Sandra Burton.  Since the age of 11, Scooter has always enjoyed writing and speaking. He wrote his first of many articles at the age of 12 for AMPS magazine which solidified his passion for writing.  Also, at the age of 12, Scooter started in radio as a co-host, and with his natural talent and hard work, he became the only 13 year-old in Louisiana at the time to have his own radio show.  Scooter has worked in radio in markets throughout Louisiana and Texas.  In addition to his passion for writing and speaking, Scooter began developing his skills as an entrepreneur at the age of 16 when he realized he had a niche for radio production.  Consequently, he started “ScooterMan Productions”.  Scooter has been able to funnel his passions into a career in mass communication, from radio to news to print to marketing.  As many would say “Scooter has done and continues to do it all!